Spider Camera Holster unveils Spider Monkey

Spider Holster, a company specialising in holster-style camera carrying solutions for photographers, such as the SpiderPro we reviewed, announced the launch of its newest item, the Spider Monkey Holster for photographic accessories.

Spider Monkey is a compact yet durable holster clip that easily attaches to any belt or camera bag loop allowing photographers to hang their most-used equipment for quick-draw accessibility. The Spider Monkey will be combined with a series of purpose-built Spider Monkey attachments. To learn more about the Spider Monkey Accessory Holster, attendees of the WPPI Expo (March 11-13, 2013 MGM Grand, Las Vegas, NV) can visit Spider Holster in booth #330 for a hands-on demonstration.

The scalable Spider Monkey accessory system eliminates the need for photographers to carry an added shoulder bag by hanging their most oft-used tools right on their belt. The durable Spider Monkey Base clip and tab are built for long-term use, with the ability to securely hold camera accessories weighing about one pound including flashes, light meters and battery packs. The Spider Monkey Tab attaches to the accessory with a robust adhesive tab (which removes cleanly after use) and an additional Velcro attachment band for ultimate security. The Spider Monkey’s built-in lock enables the user to ensure the accessory is securely hung and ready for quick-draw retrieval, all with one hand.

In addition to the holster clip, adhesive tab and the Velcro attachment loop which comprise the base Spider Monkey system. Spider Holster will soon be offering several add-on purpose-built items that will further enhance the functionality of the Spider Monkey, including a water bottle pouch, modular rain cover, and lens pouches for small to medium sized lenses.

The base Spider Monkey system, with holster clip, adhesive tab and the Velcro attachment loop will carry an MSRP of $17.00. Spider Monkey will be available for direct purchase through the company website, and at Spider Holster authorized dealers. We hope to be reviewing this new accessory from Spider Camera Holster soon, as the SpiderPro is my all-time favourite camera carrying system!

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