It’s AVA, Advanced Video Assistant, the Spanish video ingestion tool

IT´S AVA, your Advanced Video Assistant. No, I mean: it’s “IT’S AVA”, the beta software that wants to be the better ingestion tool for Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Pro X and Premiere Pro users. The Spanish connection? It’s a team of Spanish developers who have started IT’S AVA a year or so ago. IT’S AVA — I keep wanting to just type “AVA” as in Ava Gardner — is a productivity tool for video editors and filmmakers. It looks a bit like a mixture of the now defunct Final Cut Server and BulletProof minus the colour capabilities and the transcoding, but IT’S AVA’s developers claim there’s a bit of intelligence thrown in the mix.

When you ingest video into IT’S AVA, the app will first analyse your footage and then propose to create shot folders based on that analysis. The analysis serves to keep all your takes together. If you’re happy with the proposal, the IT’S AVA workflow takes you to a second ‘room’ where you can rename clips, organise them in bins and create subfolders. In this stage of the ingest operation you can also create or add metadata, including markers, comments and keywords.

In the last stage of the workflow, you export your footage with all the metadata as XML.

Besides exporting your footage to your NLE through XML, you can also export the footage as a storyboard — even as a PDF report — to share with editors, project managers, etc.

If all goes well for Jon Pittagula and his team, the 24th of July is the beta’s D-day. You will be able to download a public beta. You can subscribe on the website to be part of the beta testing team.


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