Seven ways to retime a 24fps to a 25fps clip

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It may not happen often, but from time to time you’ll end up with a 25fps sequence in which you need to ingest clips that have been shot at 24fps and at 25fps. In Final Cut Pro X you can mix different clip formats and frame rates voluntarily, but you won’t have control over the end result. Other than just drop clips in a Final Cut Pro X sequence (aka Timeline) and not worry about it, there are five ways to retime a 24fps clip to a 25fps one.

The first retiming trick is using the Retime Editor in Final Cut Pro X. With your 24fps clip loaded in your 25fps Timeline, just select the Retime Editor and drag the slider to 104%. This will speed up your 24fps clip to 25fps, including its audio. Pitch will slightly increase too.

The rest of this brief tutorial discusses the second way you’ll have to work using Final Cut Pro X as well as covers other apps besides Final Cut Pro X.

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Seven ways to retime a clip from 24fps to 25fps

You will learn 7 ways in different apps to retime a 24fps clip to 25fps with little or no loss of quality.

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  • Ben Wharton

    Or, if you were still using FCP, you put the file into Cinema Tools and reconform to 25fps.

    This will make the clip shorter – (speed up to 104%) and pitch the audio 0.7 of a semi-tone higher – if there’s sound. If there is sound, then depending on its nature you may be fine with it or you would need to re-pitch it with a suitable audio processor / program to bring it back down.

    This two step approach gives you completely clean video frames but it does change duration, which can be an issue depending on your edit project and the nature of the material – especially if you’re dealing with music or some kind of dance / choreography that has already been cut or timed to something, Cuts which are now just that little bit shorter in duration can suddenly seem very wrong.